Details of Business


The companies name was changed from Mozaffar Hossain Textile Mills Limited to Mozaffar Hossain Spinning Mills Limited (MHSML) on 14/11/2011. Earlier Mozaffar Hossain Textile mills ltd was incorporated as a Private Limited Company on November 29, 2005 and subsequently converted into a Public Limited Company on 14 December, 2011 with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms in Bangladesh (RJSC) under the Companies Act, 1994.

Inception of commercial operation
MHSML started its commercial operation on November 1, 2008.

The MHSML’s production facilities, the factory plant, are located at Thakurbari Teac, Masumabad, Bhulta under Rupgonj Thana of Narayangonj district.

Nature of business
Mozaffar Hossain Spinning Mills Limited runs the business of 100% export oriented woven fabrics cotton yarn.

Principal products and the market for such products
The single product that MHSML produces is yarn which is marketed in the foreign markets.

Products contributing more than 10% of the company’s revenue
Since MHSML produces only a single product yarn, it is the yarn which contributes almost 100% of the company’s revenues.

Name of associates, subsidiary/related holding company and their core areas of business
The holding company of MHSML is SIM Fabrics Limited which is a 100% export oriented woven fabrics producing company. Mentionable here that MHSML has no associates or subsidiary company.

SIM Fabrics Limited owns 32.97% shares of MHSML’s present paid up capital. Therefore, MHSML is a subsidiary company of SIM Fabrics Limited and SIM Fabrics Limited is the holding company of MHSML.

Distribution of the products
On receiving the orders, MHSML produces the goods as per the purchase orders and shift those goods as per the customers’ requirements. Since the product is exported to foreign markets, it is delivered to the destination suitable for the shipping liners.

Competitive condition
In Bangladesh, there are many a businesses which are engaged in yarn production. Example includes:

1. Jamuna Spinning Mills Limited;
2. Akiz Spinning Mills Limited;
3. Square Textile Mills Limited;
4. Silverline Composite Limited;
5. R. N. Spinning Mills Limited.

Sources and availability of raw materials and the names of the principal suppliers

Sources of, and requirement for, power, gas and water or any other utilities

For electricity consumption MHSML depends solely on its own sources. To ensure un-interrupted producing activities MHSML procured and implemented two gas generators having capacity of 770 KW and 1030 KW respectively. The electricity produced from those generators meet the demand for power of MHSML’s operations.

At different stages throughout the production process in MHSML there requires water which is supplied by the company’s own deep tube-well accompanied with a water reserve tank of the capacity of 40,000 gallons.

The fuel of electricity producing generators is natural gas. MHSML has the connection of Titas Gas Distribution Company Limited with the capacity of 15 PSI. Yearly requirement of Gas is about 22 (Twenty Two) Lac cubic meter.

Names of customers who purchase 10% or more of the company’s products or services
Mozaffar Hossain Spinning Mills Limited sells almost 100% of its production to SIM Fabrics Limited. There is no other single customer who purchases 10% or more of company’s products.

Description of contracts with principal suppliers and customers
MHSML does not presently have any contracts with its suppliers or customers.

Description of material patents, trademarks, licenses or royalty agreements
The company has no material patents, trademarks, licenses and/or royalty agreements.

Number of total employees and of total full time employees
MHSML presently has a total of 460 employees out of which 53 are officers in the factory office, 396 are the workers in the factory and 11 are employed in the company’s Head Office.